Monday, June 1, 2009


I have now got pet rats! their names are Pip and Tiger. Pip is a champagne hooded doe and Tiger is a silver fawn hooded doe, they are very sweet and loving. At the moment I am training Pip to do tricks like Up,sit and basic commands like that.  They are starting to litter train and Pip has learnt Up so i'm starting Sit now lol. 

I am CRAZY about rats! if ant of you own rats or are planning on getting one ask me what you want to know and...... DON"T BUY FROM THE PET SHOPS! Pet shops don't give rats and mice the proper care they need for bedding and coat health.

Tomorow I am getting another rat!! I am getting a one year old black hooded doe from a women who is going overseas the next day so needs to give the rat to a loving home.