Monday, November 22, 2010

LONG time no post.


I'm a teenager it's not my fault blogging is considered boring and reading is lame ( even though I just finished a 463 page book all about frogs). We are ALL in Tasmania, the family picked Raa up from the airport about 2 weeks ago. A couple of days ago I bought a $78 fish tank for frogs, I am now the owner of 4 Southern Smooth Froglets. There are 3 males and 1 female all are still nameless. Here's a little info on them: Geocrinia Laevis A small plump froglet found in Parts of tasmania and Victoria, 2.2cm- 3.5cm in size, females are bigger then males. All Crinia species vary in colour so much that alot of this group of small frogs can only be distinguished by their calls. They are terrestrial, webbing on feet and hands is not present, despite the name " smooth Froglet" these frogs can vary from smooth, bumpy or even with ridges on the back. They eat ALOT for their size aswell :)

Most of the stuff we have benn doing lately is on " Us in Antarctica" and "Unlearnt atlast"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ratty and catty


just our cat Ra also called rasberry xD. He is very comfortable in the deserted cot.

Here is " The Zipster" more commonly known as "Zippy" though. In Pip's old vest I made her.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'll work on getting some more pictures up of my rat's . I am pretty sure I have an old photo of pip and I can take some shots of the "present" rat's ;)

Some photos


Mother's blessing way was held at our friend Chloe's house because they have a large lounge for all the guests xD. The pic on the left is me with their diamond python female. She's awesome, the patterns are really interesting on her scales. At Chloe's house they have a very strict rule with the snake: DON'T LET HER ROUND YOUR NECK ( because she could constrict you easily) ..... Oh, and they have a tiny hairless cat wich has to be kept well away from the snakes enclosure at ALL TIMES. That's about it for the snake though xD

There's Mum and I, I was drawing ~Heket~ on her bump with henna. She keeps saying how she admires it wich is getting annoying now lol. We are sitting on Chloe's lovely couch in the living room. I also drew and evil eye to ward of evil right next to Heket. Horus lost his eye in battle.... how nice!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a new post! xD

Hi all

It's been like half a year I know :P I have started a diary, a secret code and allot of other stuff obviously, so I have been very busy! Anyway I have decided to get into the rhythm of posting again xD. well were do I start!?

Moving house in October, down to Tassy( Antarctica) about 40Min's out of Hobart. We will do a bit of renovating as well.
Our old rats Mary,Pip and Tiger are dead now :(
About 6weeks ago our new rat ( or relatively new at 8months)zippy gave birth to !!13!! ratlet's other known as kittens, but I like to call them ratlets. They are all agouti like their WILD father and very healthy. We took the 9 males to a very good pet shop where they look after them very very well and DON'T use wood shavings! We still have the 4 females as I am deciding which to keep it's proving very hard.

Those are a few things that have happened that are very exciting. I just learnt that I cannot take my 2 dwarf tree frogs down to Tasmania because they could be carrying a fungal disease that platypus's are not immune to and could wipe out all the Tasmanian ones :(

Sunday, November 22, 2009

All this stuff!


I got my black hooded rat! Sorry I didn't do more blogs for so long. Her new name is Mary, she is so cute and thinks shes a person somtimes! When I walk into my room she runs up and greets me and try's to climb up my leg to get to my shoulder. A while ago she was running around and a wild rat attacked her! It bit her tail around the middle and later on she chewed the rest of it off :(. Yesterday( 22nd Nov 2009) I was playing with the rats outside in their outside cage( because it was 40 degrees) and Tiger dug out and ran away!! I havn't seen her for about 2 days now :(. I'm really concerned about her, because of cats and the heat. i am especialy worried that it is Tiger that got away, because she is the most antisocial and hates me lol. But she is still my baby. Anyway Mary and Pip are playing round the house at the moment while I type this.

I'll do some more tommorow.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have now got pet rats! their names are Pip and Tiger. Pip is a champagne hooded doe and Tiger is a silver fawn hooded doe, they are very sweet and loving. At the moment I am training Pip to do tricks like Up,sit and basic commands like that.  They are starting to litter train and Pip has learnt Up so i'm starting Sit now lol. 

I am CRAZY about rats! if ant of you own rats or are planning on getting one ask me what you want to know and...... DON"T BUY FROM THE PET SHOPS! Pet shops don't give rats and mice the proper care they need for bedding and coat health.

Tomorow I am getting another rat!! I am getting a one year old black hooded doe from a women who is going overseas the next day so needs to give the rat to a loving home.