Sunday, November 22, 2009

All this stuff!


I got my black hooded rat! Sorry I didn't do more blogs for so long. Her new name is Mary, she is so cute and thinks shes a person somtimes! When I walk into my room she runs up and greets me and try's to climb up my leg to get to my shoulder. A while ago she was running around and a wild rat attacked her! It bit her tail around the middle and later on she chewed the rest of it off :(. Yesterday( 22nd Nov 2009) I was playing with the rats outside in their outside cage( because it was 40 degrees) and Tiger dug out and ran away!! I havn't seen her for about 2 days now :(. I'm really concerned about her, because of cats and the heat. i am especialy worried that it is Tiger that got away, because she is the most antisocial and hates me lol. But she is still my baby. Anyway Mary and Pip are playing round the house at the moment while I type this.

I'll do some more tommorow.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have now got pet rats! their names are Pip and Tiger. Pip is a champagne hooded doe and Tiger is a silver fawn hooded doe, they are very sweet and loving. At the moment I am training Pip to do tricks like Up,sit and basic commands like that.  They are starting to litter train and Pip has learnt Up so i'm starting Sit now lol. 

I am CRAZY about rats! if ant of you own rats or are planning on getting one ask me what you want to know and...... DON"T BUY FROM THE PET SHOPS! Pet shops don't give rats and mice the proper care they need for bedding and coat health.

Tomorow I am getting another rat!! I am getting a one year old black hooded doe from a women who is going overseas the next day so needs to give the rat to a loving home.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter none holiday for homeschool!

Hello. lately I have been doing LOTS of maths! I used to think it was boring and dumb but now I am getting much better at it I enjoy it! I am really getting good at sums and devision at the moment.

Tonight i made a cake from my own recipe, the main ingrediant is strwberry flavouring or milkshakes! It came out really nice and i glaced it with jam on top. Yum....yum... I am eating a slice of my fresh made cake while i am sitting at the computer typing this. I'll have picture of me at the computer with my cake in a while. Mum is uploding it at the minute so sty tuned for a few days! *laughing out loud*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello for homeschool this week I am reading a book called Joan Of Arc, it is very interesting and has think I never new about. If you get a chance maybe you can read it, it's really interesting with things about the black death and Queens and Kings. It talks about when the French and the British fought for over 34years.

This week I am also writting a story called Meggie and the snake. I got the idea from the book i'm reading called Ink Heart. Its about a 10year old girl who finds a snake in the woods who takes Meggie(the girl) on a huge adventure, being caught by the evil Mortimer and escaping from the gaurds which are half human half beast. When I have done th story i will publish it on my blog.

Hope you read it because it will be GREAT!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hi today i went to the swimming pool with my mum. After a while i decided to do some diving, i swam to the deeper end got out from the ladder and prepared myself to dive! I stritened up my legs and pointed my hands......I jumped! and resurfaced behind my mum. She said it wasent bad, but my legs, when i jumped im spread them out. So I climbed up the ladder and prepared my dive. JUMP, splash ! When i swam to mum she said GREAT that was fantastic! After that jump i havent done a better one yet, i must have workd and postioned myself perfectly!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today my Mum, Spike and me went to the museum. My Grandpa got me a membership so we got in for free! Mum took me up to the discovery room and I did an essay on the human evolution (I thought it would be boring but it turned out interesting). After that I went to see what Spike and Mum where doing at the play area, it looked fun, they where playing in a wooden house with a crocodile and a person. Before we went home Mum took us to the cafe for a milo! I took Spike to look in the gift shop and finaly we got on a train home.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The holiday

Hi! On my Christmas holiday I went to Tasmania!! We where living in a shack right next to the sea, with lots of small islands in the sea. There where some horses next to us in a paddock my brother liked watching them (now he loves horses!) My uncle took me fishing! I love to go fishing, the only fish we caught were flathead (my favourite!yum).
here is an image of the shack we were living in. There was no power and for a toilet we had a bag in a bucket with a toilet seat on it!!! When we did a poo we had to grab a handful of sawdust and put it on top of our droppings! That was to help stop it from smelling.
This is the homemade fishing rod I made, I used a stick as a rod, a strand of ribbon for the line, I got a little hook from Uncle Richard's fishing box on his boat and to weight the ribbon(line) down I used a balloon with a bit of water in it.
home made fishing rod!
On new years eve we had a party with some people with two Daschunds. We had lots of chips and bikkies and a few smarties and fizzy drink. I decorated the table with a bunch of flowers and a fibre optic light. Spike thought it was the best table! Just before new year at midnight I hopped into bed. Adam woke me up for the near year at midnight I was so grumpy!!!But I think it's a bit funny now.