Sunday, November 22, 2009

All this stuff!


I got my black hooded rat! Sorry I didn't do more blogs for so long. Her new name is Mary, she is so cute and thinks shes a person somtimes! When I walk into my room she runs up and greets me and try's to climb up my leg to get to my shoulder. A while ago she was running around and a wild rat attacked her! It bit her tail around the middle and later on she chewed the rest of it off :(. Yesterday( 22nd Nov 2009) I was playing with the rats outside in their outside cage( because it was 40 degrees) and Tiger dug out and ran away!! I havn't seen her for about 2 days now :(. I'm really concerned about her, because of cats and the heat. i am especialy worried that it is Tiger that got away, because she is the most antisocial and hates me lol. But she is still my baby. Anyway Mary and Pip are playing round the house at the moment while I type this.

I'll do some more tommorow.