Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dads week with me

Every holiday I go to my dads house in the southern highlands. This week dad got me a 9 carrot gold ring butterfly shape. We went to the pool on Monday. I did some laps with dad ( I'm not very good at swimming but I love doing it!) Then the Water got to cold so I got out and got changed into my normal clothes. After that I saw two Eastern water skinks mating they ran of after. Then Dad and I caught 4 other water skinks we kept two and I studied them.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today my mum my brother and I went to Paramata to spend my K-mart voucher that Granmur got me for my birthday. Mum gave me $20 to spend traded for the card. There was nothing I wanted until we got to k-mart and I looked at the kids books. I found a book called "ICE FIRE". Mum bought it for me instead of me getting it with my money. It's really good so far i've read 57 pages in one day! When we got home, after a while I looked at the back of the book out of curiosity it said" to be continued..." ALONG BOOK! Then I found out it was the 2nd book in the serious!I recommend this book for children aged 8-13 who love dragons and thick frilling books. It's a shame I didn't get the hard cover.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


When I am older and ready for universaty i'm going to study being an entomolagist. It looks like great fun! Seeming I also love writting mayby i'll write about animals and be like David Attenborugh!!!!Thats my dream to travel round the world studying and doing shows on animals! I wanted to get a Green tree frog, but now I want a golden bell frog. I found some golden bell frog eggs in my pond and can't wait for them to be frogs! It will take a year so i'll be waiting a while!
My Granmur


This is a picture of me, my rabbit, my granumur and my brother at the hospital where my granmur died from 16 different types of cancer.We were out the front of the hospital for Mothers day having a picnic. Before she died we would visit her as often as we could.My granmur died exactly a week after my birthday when I turned 10.I loved my granmur so much I cry every night when look at the photo of us together and light the lavender candl I gave her for Mothers day.