Monday, November 22, 2010

LONG time no post.


I'm a teenager it's not my fault blogging is considered boring and reading is lame ( even though I just finished a 463 page book all about frogs). We are ALL in Tasmania, the family picked Raa up from the airport about 2 weeks ago. A couple of days ago I bought a $78 fish tank for frogs, I am now the owner of 4 Southern Smooth Froglets. There are 3 males and 1 female all are still nameless. Here's a little info on them: Geocrinia Laevis A small plump froglet found in Parts of tasmania and Victoria, 2.2cm- 3.5cm in size, females are bigger then males. All Crinia species vary in colour so much that alot of this group of small frogs can only be distinguished by their calls. They are terrestrial, webbing on feet and hands is not present, despite the name " smooth Froglet" these frogs can vary from smooth, bumpy or even with ridges on the back. They eat ALOT for their size aswell :)

Most of the stuff we have benn doing lately is on " Us in Antarctica" and "Unlearnt atlast"