Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a new post! xD

Hi all

It's been like half a year I know :P I have started a diary, a secret code and allot of other stuff obviously, so I have been very busy! Anyway I have decided to get into the rhythm of posting again xD. well were do I start!?

Moving house in October, down to Tassy( Antarctica) about 40Min's out of Hobart. We will do a bit of renovating as well.
Our old rats Mary,Pip and Tiger are dead now :(
About 6weeks ago our new rat ( or relatively new at 8months)zippy gave birth to !!13!! ratlet's other known as kittens, but I like to call them ratlets. They are all agouti like their WILD father and very healthy. We took the 9 males to a very good pet shop where they look after them very very well and DON'T use wood shavings! We still have the 4 females as I am deciding which to keep it's proving very hard.

Those are a few things that have happened that are very exciting. I just learnt that I cannot take my 2 dwarf tree frogs down to Tasmania because they could be carrying a fungal disease that platypus's are not immune to and could wipe out all the Tasmanian ones :(

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