Wednesday, October 1, 2008


When I am older and ready for universaty i'm going to study being an entomolagist. It looks like great fun! Seeming I also love writting mayby i'll write about animals and be like David Attenborugh!!!!Thats my dream to travel round the world studying and doing shows on animals! I wanted to get a Green tree frog, but now I want a golden bell frog. I found some golden bell frog eggs in my pond and can't wait for them to be frogs! It will take a year so i'll be waiting a while!


Mumma Bear said...

That sounds like a great dream :) What does a golden bell frog look like? Do you have a picture? A year is a long time to wait but you sound really dedicated :)

Alice said...

Thats an image of a golden bellnfrog.

Alice said...

Hi Mumma Bear

Sorry thats another link( wrong link)

Alice said...


They have gold blotches on them and the rest of them are green.

If you look up frogs of Australia it's on the first page somwhere in the top. Click where your from and it gives you a list of the frogs in your area.