Tuesday, November 11, 2008

frog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI !

I'm so exited! I'm going to get a frog licence! If I finish this weeks homeschool list, be polite, help around the house and work up $60 for the licence. I was planning on getting a Green and Golden Bell frog, Person's tree frog' a Red eyed tree frog, striped marsh frog, Green tree frog and mayby a thew more!


kezzdee said...

Wow, how cool! We have green tree frogs living in our garden. They're so cute. Sometimes when i go outside at night time, they are clinging onto our screen door! One is living in the pipe coming off the roof guttering, and when he croaks it echoes. I love frogs!

Alice and Mother said...

I want to visit your house!