Sunday, February 1, 2009

The holiday

Hi! On my Christmas holiday I went to Tasmania!! We where living in a shack right next to the sea, with lots of small islands in the sea. There where some horses next to us in a paddock my brother liked watching them (now he loves horses!) My uncle took me fishing! I love to go fishing, the only fish we caught were flathead (my favourite!yum).
here is an image of the shack we were living in. There was no power and for a toilet we had a bag in a bucket with a toilet seat on it!!! When we did a poo we had to grab a handful of sawdust and put it on top of our droppings! That was to help stop it from smelling.
This is the homemade fishing rod I made, I used a stick as a rod, a strand of ribbon for the line, I got a little hook from Uncle Richard's fishing box on his boat and to weight the ribbon(line) down I used a balloon with a bit of water in it.
home made fishing rod!
On new years eve we had a party with some people with two Daschunds. We had lots of chips and bikkies and a few smarties and fizzy drink. I decorated the table with a bunch of flowers and a fibre optic light. Spike thought it was the best table! Just before new year at midnight I hopped into bed. Adam woke me up for the near year at midnight I was so grumpy!!!But I think it's a bit funny now.


Ceres said...

Your fishing rod is great! Did you catch anything?

kezzdee said...

Looks like such a good spot! I have never been to Tassie, but I'd like to go sometime soon. I'd especially like to see some of their beautiful old forest... did you get a chance to check it out? Sadly people have been logging there. So sad. I love your fishing rod too!

Alice and Mother said...

Hi, no i didn't catch anything but it was worth a try *laughing out loud*

Alice and Mother said...

The forest is beautiful! My mum and I heard a tasmanian devil growling in the distnce to! It was very loud, and thanx about the rod