Friday, February 6, 2009


Hi today i went to the swimming pool with my mum. After a while i decided to do some diving, i swam to the deeper end got out from the ladder and prepared myself to dive! I stritened up my legs and pointed my hands......I jumped! and resurfaced behind my mum. She said it wasent bad, but my legs, when i jumped im spread them out. So I climbed up the ladder and prepared my dive. JUMP, splash ! When i swam to mum she said GREAT that was fantastic! After that jump i havent done a better one yet, i must have workd and postioned myself perfectly!


kezzdee said...

Good for you! I love swimming and diving too. I grew up in a very small town in the country, but we were lucky, we had a really cool town pool with a diving pool and diving board. The pool was 11 feet deep, and my ears used to hurt from the pressure when I went down to the bottom. I still love to visit the pool now on holidays, and I take my own children there. I will miss swimming now that Summer is ending!

Alice and Mother said...

Hi, that's cool! Where you used to live are there lots of frogs?